Win Free Tickets to the new Curious Theatre production playing to full houses

Our friends at Curious Theatre Company are bringing us a special night of thought provoking staged readings -- and a chance to win tix to their new production 9 CIRCLES!

Here's what Curious Theatre has to say about their first production of 2012:

"Tangled in a web of moral ambiguity and military bureaucracy, 9 CIRCLES is the riveting story of a young and disturbed Daniel Reeves, on trial for his life for war crimes committed during his tour in Iraq. In a series of nine scenes mirroring the nine circles in Dante’s Inferno, 9 CIRCLES takes us on a journey through the post-traumatic mind of a soldier and his descent into darkness, and holds a jarring mirror up to some of the most complex and troubling issues of our modern times: the battered state of postwar veterans, fighting an unpopular war, capital punishment, and the duality of our standards for acceptable conduct both on and off the battlefield. Haunting and transcendent, 9 CIRCLES is a bold look at the aftermath of war and the possibility that one might find peace after going through the depths of hell."

This Tuesday night (1/31, 6p), Curious Theatre Company partners with Stories on Stage and Lighthouse Writers Workshop, to present stories written by Iraq veterans: Voices From the Front Lines. Selections from Stories on Stage's Veteran Affairs, will be performed by Timothy McCracken and Curious Theatre Company member Mare Trevathan; followed by readings from Lighthouse Writers Workshop, performed by Curious Theatre Company actors. This event is free and open to the public. Registration is encouraged. Register online or call 720-865-1206.

We'll be giving away a pair of tickets to 9 CIRCLES to someone in the audience on Tuesday. Hope to see you there!

Written by Chris on January 30, 2012

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