Why You Should Play Video Games

Most people play video games nowadays. Whether it’s a casual session of Words with Friends or an all night binge on World of Warcraft, over half of the US plays video games, and as a species, humans play about 3 billion hours a week (about 125 million days worth, or 342,239 years).

Most kids will have played about 10,000 hours worth of video games by the time they’re 21, which is about the same amount of time they’ll spend in school.

But what do video games do for us?

Well, to start with, “playing video games can prevent and even reverse deteriorating brain functions.” Video games can also help fight depression, and in clinical trials they can even outperform medication. Not only that, video games can help surgeons make less mistakes.

Games make kids more creative. Video games can even bring families together, and research has shown that it’s quite a bit better than a passive activity like watching television. People who play together, stay together! Well, not really, but playing video games together has been shown to improve your disposition towards the people you play with (even when you get beat…badly).

Video games are a young technology, but the average gamer is now 37 years old. Video games aren't just meant for kids, they’re meant for everyone. The old and young (and all the somewhere in-betweens) can all benefit from a little more play time.

Oh, and here’s someone using virtual reality goggles and an omni-directional treadmill to play a game.

If you're interested in checking games out from the library, check out this blog post by Eric.

As always, make good decisions when checking out games for your kids!

- K

Written by Keegan on December 12, 2013


Aj Sweet on April 1, 2014


Where are the sources you used

Anonymous on April 11, 2014


gameing is one of the ways i spend my time at home

Anonymous on May 5, 2014


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Anonymous on May 22, 2014


I love video games

Anonymous on May 22, 2014


I love video games

Anonymous man on May 22, 2014


video games rocks

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