What's Up with Prospector?

Good things often come to those who wait.  And you have been waiting a long time for the return of the Prospector service.  We have to assume that the original gold prospectors were patient folks much like library customers.  You may have given up, and for good reason, but we haven't!

The Library's previous automation system was connected to Prospector via a customized program that is no longer allowed by the system behind Prospector, requiring the creation of an entirely new connection process.  The effort to reconnect the Denver Public Library to Prospector has been technically challenging.  All parties involved have been working diligently to overcome integration issues, however, and together we have made significant progress.

We are actually blazing a trail for other libraries to use a standard protocol to connect two different circulation systems.  At the risk of getting too techie, we are implementing the NISO Circulation Interchange Protocol (NCIP) to connect Denver Public Library's system with the Prospector system.  Using standard communication and transfer of data between the systems is the modern way to achieve the interoperability necessary for both staff and customer functions in both systems.  This involves modifications by both vendors, followed by extensive testing by our very dedicated staff, and further modifications and more testing.  You get the idea.

We are making progress every week and look forward to announcing a start date as soon as we can.  Thanks for your patience, and don't put down that pan.  We'll find gold in the Prospector system yet!

Written by Michelle on November 30, 2012


Anonymous on February 1, 2013


A properly written R.F.P would have prevented this problem AND would have prevented the incredible clunky transition to the new system in 2011 which somehow required the database be shut down for more than a week. A week. Incredible. DPL should hire people from the private sector as positions open up because it is apparent that there are different standards.

I know this is a harsh assessment, but does DPL think that e-commerce businesses, for example, are running on the system they launched in 1996? Of course they aren't. And they don't shut down to upgrade, either. It scares me to imagine what DPL spends on these "solutions".


I read the new system is more expensive than the old one. While the staff may enjoy it more, the website is inferior to the old one. Plus no prospector, someone should be fired...


The new system is less expensive than the old system. I'm sorry you feel the web site is inferior.

Herb McBud on March 5, 2013


Hey, what's up with Prospector? Is the new system really more spensive than the old one? Also, is the old gold digger on the logo modeled on an real historical figure or just drawed up by someone at the Libarry?

Rivka on April 22, 2013


Last Prospector status information was November 2012. Can you update us on prospective Prospector availability?


Thank you for your patience! The Library continues to work on this project along with the other players. We have made some progress and had some setbacks but we are getting closer to doing some live testing. Please stay tuned and patient!


We apologize for the continuing inconvenience. When we mentioned that we had made progress that was true. Unfortunately when the code was put into test, there were new technical issues with compatibility. Both vendors have made some additional changes and we are hoping to begin testing again soon. This has been frustrating for everyone. Thank you for your patience.

Wendy on October 4, 2013


We are approaching a year since the last update of getting Prospector back "as soon as we can". Fingers crossed for some good news...

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