What's Up with Prospector?

Good things often come to those who wait.  And you have been waiting a long time for the return of the Prospector service.  We have to assume that the original gold prospectors were patient folks much like library customers.  You may have given up, and for good reason, but we haven't!

The Library's previous automation system was connected to Prospector via a customized program that is no longer allowed by the system behind Prospector, requiring the creation of an entirely new connection process.  The effort to reconnect the Denver Public Library to Prospector has been technically challenging.  All parties involved have been working diligently to overcome integration issues, however, and together we have made significant progress.

We are actually blazing a trail for other libraries to use a standard protocol to connect two different circulation systems.  At the risk of getting too techie, we are implementing the NISO Circulation Interchange Protocol (NCIP) to connect Denver Public Library's system with the Prospector system.  Using standard communication and transfer of data between the systems is the modern way to achieve the interoperability necessary for both staff and customer functions in both systems.  This involves modifications by both vendors, followed by extensive testing by our very dedicated staff, and further modifications and more testing.  You get the idea.

We are making progress every week and look forward to announcing a start date as soon as we can.  Thanks for your patience, and don't put down that pan.  We'll find gold in the Prospector system yet!

Written by Michelle on November 30, 2012


Anonymous on November 30, 2012


Thanks for the info! I hope Prospector is up and running soon.

Sherman Payne on November 30, 2012


I find the prospecting metaphor in your post to be absolutely golden. Thanks for the update. I miss getting obscure titles about trains and travel in 19th century America from other Colorada librarys.

Ben Harnke on November 30, 2012


This will fill a big gap in the system! It will also allow DPL patrons to access collections they otherwise wouldn't have access to.

Anonymous on December 1, 2012


it's been dwon going on 2 years and world cat doesn't work as well as it used to either i'm not hoding my breath

Nelson on December 1, 2012


Thanks for this update!!

Anonymous on December 2, 2012


Long wait, but worth it if we can resume with the resource treasure that is Prospector.

Anonymous on December 2, 2012


I had given up on the possibility of ever be able to use
Prospector again. Thank you for the good news!

Rivka on December 3, 2012


Could you give us a timeline? Do we count "as soon as we can" in days, weeks, or months?

DPL users can get barcodes from neighboring library systems and access Prospector through them. I've been using my Arapahoe County library card number for the last two years.

Will you be opening Prospector to volunteer beta testers?


I can not provide a more detailed timeline at this time - there are too many variables and players. I can tell you the list of issues is shrinking. We have select staff testing Prospector now to find the remaining issues. We'll open borrowing up to all customers at the same time. Thanks for your interest.

jennifer (kinsey) on December 4, 2012


so glad to hear about the impending return of prospector!!!!! although i have circumvented its absence by utilizing my memberships in aurora, arapahoe county and jefferson county ( as well as the occasional use of a friend in fort collins!!!!!), i sometimes hesitate to order through inter-library loan in case i use up my allotted number of requests before the end of the year!!! i herald all the work you guys do, appreciate it to the n-th degree and am looking forward with great anticipation to using "prospector" again!! thanks!!!!

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