What's the Deal with Facebook Timeline?

Facebook Timeline has been making big waves- but what is it?  Why all the commotion?  Is it mandatory? And most importantly, how do you use it? 

Good questions, all of them!

In a nutshell, Timeline is well, a timeline of your activities on Facebook.  You can tell someone has installed Timeline by the giant photo that dominates the top of their profile page.  But Timeline is not just a visual change.  It also allows users to

  • easily access content from all previous years
  • construct a timeline of a user's entire life (for example, obviously you weren't on Facebook in 1960, but if you were born then your Timeline would start then, if you've listed your birth year on your profile)
  • see your own and other people's recent activities in the Activity Log (a feature that can be disabled)
  • gives room for larger picture displays and a more richly visual user experience
  • reorganizes where information is stored

Currently, Timeline is optional for individual users- however, as of yesterday it became mandatory for all business pages.  Facebook hasn't issued any formal statement that they'll be imposing Timeline on all profiles, but methinks that's probably the next step... :)

So if you're on Facebook, or you're considering joining Facebook, you probably want to learn how to use Timeline- how to edit it, navigate it and what privacy and security settings have changed with Timeline.

Well good news! You're in luck.  Facebook 101, happening this Friday, April 6th from 2-4 p.m. in the large classroom of the CTC, will teach you how to use Timeline, as well as general Facebook usage, for both users and not users of Facebook. 

Written by Simone on April 2, 2012

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