We Want YOU to be a Technology Volunteer!

Are you the person in your family who shows your parents how to use their new smart phones? Do you laugh in the face of a resume created with a never before seen template? Would you like to make an extraordinary difference in your community?

The Community Technology Center (CTC) at the Central Library is looking for volunteers to staff our public service desk. If you’re proficient Facebooking, creating documents, and downloading music on your own computer at home, you’ve got the tech skills you need to help at the CTC.  And if you are a patient listener and an excellent explainer, you’ll fit in just fine.

Our technology volunteers do things like helping people use the interwebs to make their wildest dreams come true. They make computer reservations over the phone. They help customers print things and apply for jobs and look for apartments and get new email addresses. And we couldn't do all the amazing things we do without them.

There are some branch libraries looking for tech volunteers too, if Central's not your jam. Check out the Technology Volunteer Program page for more information and to get the ball rolling! We look forward to meeting you!

Written by Melanie on April 10, 2014

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