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The next round of submissions for Volume is now open. Head to the submissions page and send us your music!

Well, this is exciting. You may have heard rumblings about Denver Public Library doing something with local musicians.

What is Volume? Volume is an exciting new project that will allow Denver Public Library card holders to download and stream music from local bands and musicians, DRM-free, from a new library website. Today we start accepting submissions from local musicians. We'll spend the next few months gathering submissions, running them past our content reviewers (a group consisting of local folks in the music community), and loading them to the new site. We're planning to launch that new site by the end of July, with the first set of local music available to our customers.

How much music will be on the site? We're a public library, so you might guess we have limited resources. We are paying the artists that are selected for this site (not a huge amount, but something), and it also requires staff time and technology resources to manage any music and associated content that will be on the site. Given that, we currently have the resources to bring in 100 albums per year. Starting next year, we will be opening it up for submissions quarterly, and adding about 25 albums each quarter. Since we've already missed the first quarter this year, and want to start with a bigger collection, we're shooting for 50 albums with this first round, and we'll run two more rounds of submissions later on (if you're not picked this time, resubmit next time around). Our license with the artists allows us to host the music on this site for 2 years, so by the end of next year, and moving forward, we should have 200 albums on the site at any given time, with 25 fresh albums every three months.

This is a pilot project, so we'll see how it goes - if it goes well and we can find more resources, we'd love to expand beyond that.

Why are we doing this? Denver Public Library has always been about our community, and we're looking to reinforce that. We want to offer unique content that is not available in big box stores, support local music, and connect the people of Denver with that vibrant scene.

What's in it for musicians? A tiny bit of money (emphasis on tiny), and a huge chance to be part of a local, online music community that doesn't have a profit motive (remember, public library...). Also, a lot of exposure for your music to the people around you. DPL has roughly 400,000 cardholders, and our staff is already doing general Music Reviews. Don't you want all those people to listen to you?

We are so incredibly excited to get going on this - and hope you'll join us for the ride.

Written by Zeth on April 18, 2014


Jenn Dewey on April 21, 2014


This is fabulous. Hooray for Denver music and DPL: true love!

Anonymous on May 5, 2014



Jason on May 10, 2014


Cool. I'm not in a band, but I know a lot of people who are. I will pass this along.

Terrie on July 15, 2014


What a cool concept! Can't wait to check it out :)

Andrea Merida on September 15, 2014


How does a band find out if they've been accepted? What are the timelines?


We will contact all bands using the email address that they provide on the submission form. The first round of submissions ended this summer, but we're now open for the second round - find out more at:


It usually takes us about a month to sort through the submissions and start notifying musicians. For round 2, we can start loading music as soon as we have the signed license from them.

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