Video Games that Hit the Big Screen

Usually, for a video game to become a movie, it has to have three things going for it.  It must be: 

  1. Extremely Popular

  2. A great game

  3. Familiar 

These are important because there needs to be a huge potential for revenue by having a massive fan base that would be willing to watch the film.  This fan base makes marketing relatively easy!  For example, if they were to make a Call of duty movie, it's highly likely to gross a substantial amount because of the enormity of its fan base.  Call of Duty is always in the running for Game of the Year and it has become such a household name that it's easily recognizable. But, whether the content of the movie will be as good as the game is a whole other story!

As we look back at this genre, history has shown us that legendary games became legendary film bust!

The usual game-to-movie adaptation is universally recognized as a genre of epic failures! I'm not kidding; just about every game that became a movie has terrible reviews. For example, the most infamous one of them all is Super Mario bros: the Movie.  This has probably become the poster child of bad video game movies.  The movie's story, characters, environment, and just about everything in the game is either nonexistent or makes absolutely no sense in terms of correlating with the game. For example, the "Goombas" in the film are giant dinosaurs wielding guns, and "Bowser" changes forms from human to dinosaur.  If you know or played any of the "Super Mario" games in the 80's and early 90's, you would know that the "Goombas" and "Bowser" from the movie look absolutely nothing like those in the games. This has to be the biggest mistake in the history of the genre.


Reasons why I think this film is considered an epic failure by fans:

  1. The characters, environment, and just about everything in the game is either nonexistent or inaccurate.
  2. Goombas look like this!​ Not like a 7 foot tall dinosaur... 
  3. The director seems to have just winged it, pretty much.  Did the director ever even see the game??

But, we're not through.  There are so many more examples - the list goes on and on.  

"Street Fighter" is another such failure: almost unanimously, fans of the game hated this film because there is no correlation to the games whatsoever. 


Reasons why I think people hate Street fighter: the movie:

  1. Since when has Guile (played by Van Dam) become the main character?? Everyone knows it Ryu and Ken!
  2. Where are the "hadoukens" and other special moves?!?    ​
  3. Merely mimics the action of the game.
  4. What do hostages have to do with the games?
  5. Fans are jealous that the movie Blood Sport was a better rendition of the games than the actual Street fighter: the movie.


Another well known game-to-movie adaptations are the Mortal kombat and Mortal kombat: Annihilation films. Back in the early 90's, everyone was talking about the games because of the blood, violence, fatalities, and the huge publicity in the media. The games are awesome and still stand the test of time, but the movies are known to get mixed reviews, especially the first Mortal kombat movie.  As for the second film, Mortal kombat: Annihilation, is so bad that it should be banished to the nether realms! Honestly, I have mixed feelings about these two films. I mean, I like them, but I also dread watching them at the same time because there is way too much boring dialog and injustice to the games.


Reasons why I think fans hate the Mortal kombat films:

  1. They are some of the most violent games of all time, but the movies are PG-13. Where's the blood, guts etc...?
  2. The catchy "Mortal kombat" song is so good that it overshadows the films.
  3. There is way too much talking. 
  4. The special effects are so sub-par.
  5. The storylines are boring. 
  6. Needs way more fatalities.
  7. The actors were so cliché and dumb.


I could go on and on about this genre or even reverse it and make a blog about movies that became video games and failed miserably, but that's for another time. I mean, the bashing of the video game-to-movie genre is non-stop and probably will never end until someone does the genre justice and makes the blockbuster game-to-movie adaptation that we are all dying for.  Although these films might not be the best, at least give them a try and share your opinions. Who knows? You might actually like them. One more thing: there have been some decent game-to-movie films out there, so "GET OVER HERE- (Scorpion's voice from Mortal Kombat)" and check out some of these films!                     

Super Mario bros.

Mortal kombat: Annihilation (This film can be ordered through inter library loan)

Double dragon

Lara croft, tomb raider

Prince of persia the sands of time

Silent hill

Resident evil and Resident evil apocalypse

Mortal kombat


Street fighter

The king of fighters


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Written by Eazy on May 30, 2014


Anonymous on May 30, 2014


Tron was a movie first, and inspired a few different video games.


True, I just included in my blog, since the old arcade tron games were so popular and it's considered a pretty good movie by most. Depending on who you ask.

Anonymous on May 30, 2014


I thought Tomb Raider the game was way over rated. jump,JUMP,J U M P!!! fall.Do it again.Boring. The movie was just as bad.


I agree, I never got into any of the tomb raider games. Especially, the first couple of games, all though they were a hit with many, as for me- they are
so boring.

Anonymous on June 5, 2014


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