These Things Happened: A Road Trip to Topeka's Equality House

On a recent trip to visit my family in Oklahoma, I was able to take a road trip with my dad to Topeka, Kansas and visit the newly painted and recently founded Equality House. Just across from the Westboro Baptist Church, the Equality House draws hundreds of visitors just like me every day.

While I was there, a whole family was being photographed in front of the house by Equality House's founder, Aaron Jackson. After he photographed them, he turned to us and said, "Would you like me to take your picture?" As I handed him my camera, I said, "If it's not too much trouble," and Aaron replied, "I do it about 150 times a day; no trouble at all."

It's a remarkable thing -- this Equality House. It represents an ideal of equal rights for all humans. And in it's brief history of mere months, it has garnered a lot of international attention. Aaron is also one of the co-founders of Planting Peace, a charitable organization that champions peace, equality and human rights. Read the story about Aaron and Equality House from Huffington Post.

I've included the quote on equality here because it's from Will Rogers and he was a great defender of fair and equal treatment of all people. His writings and verbal bon mots are among the best in American pop culture. He was from Claremore, Oklahoma and I've visited his museum several times while seeing family in Tulsa.

It was a treat to visit Equality House and chat with Aaron Jackson for a few minutes on the front lawn; he was taking a break from mowing when we dropped by. Learn more about Planting Peace and Equality House.

Read up on GLBT equality issues or seek wisdom from the American humorist Will Rogers.

Written by Chris on July 8, 2013


Anonymous on July 12, 2013


Nice work ~ good for you for making the pilgrimage - I hope that beautiful house becomes a lodestone for millions of Open Minded People - thanks again!

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