These Things Happened: A Road Trip To Central City Opera

At Fresh City Life, we don't always sit around and think up amusing and diverting things for you to do. Sometimes in between thinking up amusing and diverting things for you to do, we go and do amusing and diverting things with you. You should've been there yesterday for our road trip to the Central City Opera.

6/22/13 -- Trish and I met our fellow road trippers in the garden of the Central City Opera. Then we crossed the street to the Williams' Stables where the apprentice performers were working on arias and making beautiful music. It is so fun to be inside the stable (which really is a former horse and carriage stable); the interior is loaded with old hand-painted signs advertising productions from the 30s and 40s with stars like Mae West and Helen Hayes. The Central City Opera has played host to the finest talents of our American stage and screen for decades. The rehearsal was like an impromptu concert.

Next, we crossed the street again to meet in the Teller House ballroom for a wonderful talk presented by Janetta Turner (Costume Shop Supervisor) and Dave Bova (Wig & Makeup Designer/Supervisor). It was fascinating to hear about how it all comes together backstage to look so seamless and sparkly on stage. Janetta and Dave displayed samples from their departments and talked about the creation and care of very expensive costumes and fragile lace-front wigs. One of Fresh City Life's ardent supporters, Meredith, jumped up to model various types of wigs. Go to our photo album to see Meredith as a blonde!

After lunch, our tour gathered in front of the opera house and we were led (quietly) up to the balcony of the opera house to watch a rehearsal of The Barber of Seville -- one of three productions in the 2013 season. The set is gilded and ornate, and reminded me very much of a giant birdcage. It will look incredible when it is decorated with actors in colorful costumes -- like a cage full of birds of paradise. We heard the actor/singer who plays Figaro sing the most memorable aria from the show. See the video below of Figaro's Aria from another production of The Barber of Seville. 

Big thanks to our friends at Central City Opera. Support the arts and go see a show -- tickets are not that expensive and it is a great way to keep arts in our community vital and moving forward. 

See all the road trip photos here.

We're already planning the next Fresh City Life road trip. Care to come along?



Written by Chris on June 24, 2013

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