Denver Comix: Call For Submissions

Cultivating Colorado Comix

Submissions have been closed. Thank you for your interest.

We’re bringing comix to Denver! This June, the Denver Public Library will publish Denver Comix, a free newspaper featuring original comics by local artists. Our aim is to inspire and engage independent comic book creators throughout Denver and around the state by inviting them to submit original artwork for the publication. The newspaper will be available for free at all 26 Denver Public Library locations and will put original content in the hands of our customers—content that can’t be found anywhere else!

The printed newspaper will be 12 pages long and feature 24 original comic strips in full color. All Colorado residents ages 18 and over are invited to submit original work to be considered for publication. All styles and genres (humor, action, horror, etc.) are acceptable. Creators will be paid $25 for each comic that is published.

Creators who are selected for publication will be asked to sign a licensing contract. You can preview the sample license agreement now. In exchange for the $25, Denver Public Library will have the right to publish the comics in print and as a downloadable ebook. Creators will retain all other rights to their work. This is a non-exclusive contract, meaning creators will be free to publish elsewhere. By signing the contract you are affirming that the work is original and that you are the creator(s).

We will accept submissions through the Denver Public Library website from April 1–30, 2017. Only digital submissions will be considered for publication. All submissions must be 10" wide x 7" tall and at a resolution of 300 dots per inch (3000 x 2100 pixels). All files must be formatted as .png (preferred) or .jpg. Full-color, CMYK, files are preferred but black and white or grayscale files will also be considered.

A panel of judges from the local Denver independent comic book community will select which submissions are published. Creators will be notified by the end of May. When the newspaper is printed in June we will have a release party open to the public (specific details forthcoming).

If you have any questions about the Denver Comix newspaper, please feel free to leave a comment below and a library staff member will respond.

Written by Thane on March 31, 2017


Tessa on March 8, 2017


Love this! Is '18 and over' a hard and fast requirement? I know a very talented 12 year old who could acquire parental permission.


Yes, the '18 and over' is a hard and fast rule. Unfortunately, because there is payment and licensing agreement involved we can't open it up to minors. However, there are some graphic novel workshops at Denver Public Library that are being planned for this summer. These workshops will be open to students in grades 6-12 and will also allow young artists to see their work in print. These workshops have not been officially announced yet but keep an eye out for them on the DPL events calendar.

Ben on March 9, 2017


For clarification, each entry is to be a single page in length?


Each entry will be half a page in the printed newspaper. The exact dimensions will be 10" wide x 7" tall and at a resolution of 300 dots per inch (3000 x 2100 pixels).

Lekim Enots on March 9, 2017


What an exciting project! I can't wait to see the publication...great work all.

One question: how big will the print run be?

Dave @ PKH on March 15, 2017


So awesome!

S Haynes on April 2, 2017


The cover image for this Event is way too phallic and suggestive. Could you reconsider its use ??

Trish Malone on April 18, 2017


I regularly post my webcomics at

I mention the site because I'd like you to see the shape of the comic, to see if it could fit in the submission guidelines or not?

10 wide by 7 tall, to me, sounds like two of my pages sitting side by side. (is that ok?)



That would be fine to combine multiple comics as long as it adds up 10 x 7 (3000 x 2100 pixels) as long as it reads clearly. But I would suggest (if your able), just to rearrange your panels to fit the horizontal format.

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