Denver Comix Artist Biographies

The Denver Comix newspaper has arrived at all Denver Public Library locations. This is a free newspaper featuring original creations by Colorado artists. While supplies last, copies of the newspaper are free to the public.

Below, you can find more information about the Colorado artist who contributed original art and stories to Denver Comix. The artists are listed in the order that their comics appear in the paper. ​

A.C. Koch writes, draws, and makes music when he's not teaching for a living. Follow @henry_iblis and @firstimersband_denver on Instagram, and come see Firstimers at a fine rock club near you for fresh and hot bossa-pop.

During his formative years in the Midwest, Kyle Drayton routinely blew his family away with his artistic ability, leading some (his sister) to wonder if he had been adopted. (He wasn't.) He is, however, an amazing uncle and brother with a degree in Fine Arts from CU-Boulder, a keen sense of the absurd, and a sketch pad always at the ready. He's also really humble, so his sister wrote this for him.

Matthew Allison is the creator and publisher of Cankor, the semi-true story of a sad sack cyborg on the road to recovery. Find out more about Cankor at

For the past eight years, Lonnie Allen has been best known around Denver as the organizer of Denver Drink and Draw, a weekly gathering of comics artists as well as Doodle Fights!, a local comics showcase and competition. But he’s also an accomplished cartoonist in his own right. His work has appeared in Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics. He has been nominated for a prestigious Eisner Award, won a DiNKy for Outstanding Work by a Colorado Creator and named as one of the 100 Colorado Creatives by the Westword. He's currently an editor for Suspect Press and a designer for City, O' City and Campus Lounge. Ian is Lonnie's ten-year-old son, and is awesome.

R. Alan Brooks is the writer of Spotless and The Burning Metronome and the host of MotherF**ker In A Cape, the comic book podcast that focuses on marginalized members of geek culture.

Matt Strackbein is best known for writing and illustrating short stories in Dark Horse Comics’ BPRD. He is also the colorist and letterer of The Burning Metronome.

Cori Redford attended art school in the early 90s and has been arting around in Denver for over 25 years, but only recently started sharing her art with other people.

Michael Dee left his family farm on the plains, and followed his artist dreams to the jagged cityscapes of the metropolis. There he fell into the seedy underbelly of corporate America, chained to a desk with only his pens and his wild imagination to keep him company. It wasn't until he freed himself into the seductive lifestyle of freelance illustration that his art and stories began to breathe life. He is also the current reigning Doodle Fights Champion. Ask him about it sometime and he'll proudly show you his Championship Belt.

Devin Sailors is a Denver native/wizard that has always drawn monsters, aliens and other creatures. Heavily influenced by cartoons, fairy tales, D&D and the strange, he brings a unique twist to many classic subjects. He can be found on Instagram making comics, children's books and other illustrations.

Jeff Washenberger lives on a small hill overlooking downtown Denver where he talks to his dog and drinks too much coffee. Influenced by Super Nintendo games, cartoons, and comic strips, Jeff spent most of his life teaching himself to draw. His goal is to make people smile, and make the world a little more magical with his silly comics and colorful illustrations.

J. James McFarland is a commercial illustrator, fine artist, and graphic designer with over a decade of experience. Goal-oriented project management is not only his methodology… it is his style of life. He is currently located in the lush, green heights of Boulder, on the slopes of the Flatirons. There he enjoys breathing the clean air.

Little is known about the enigmatic yet iconic heavy metal singer/comic book creator Jake Fairly. Some say he is a cyborg sent back in time from the future to destroy mankind's final hope for salvation. Others say he is the result of breeding accident on a chicken farm outside of Oak Ridge, TN. If you read his comics backwards you can decode secret messages and find out the truth for yourself.

WhipperSnap Studio mischief-makers believe in "essential nonsense," making silly goods like art toys, comics and murals. Find them at or at local art events like DINK Denver and Ink Lounge's Summer Dog Barket.

Originally from the East Coast, award-winning cartoonist Karl Christian Krumpholz’s work has appeared in many different publications and even a documentary. He is currently working on two different weekly comics: The Denver Bootleg, which examines the history of various venues for Denver’s Westword newspaper, and the true-ish tales of the city in 30 Miles of Crazy! His latest comic won ‘Best in Show’ at the 2017 Denver Comic and Arts Expo (DINK). Karl can always be found at

Zak Kinsella is an Illustrator and cartoonist living in Denver, CO who is also the co-host on the "No Sell Society" podcast. His upcoming projects include the creator owned books Outré Veil and The Book of Daniel. He is available for hire for freelance projects including comics and illustration. He has no cats. You can see his lack of cats at

Amanda Mcmanaman is a Colorado native and loves being creative. She is currently hard at work writing and drawing her new graphic novel, as well as wide array of freelance projects. An avid follower of dreams, she could easily lose too many hours reading fantasy novels and playing video games if she let herself. Become a McManaFAN at and by liking her Facebook page!

Ron Ruelle's grandmother worked for a comic book publisher when he was a kid, so comics were an accepted form of literature in his house. From that good fortune, he learned to draw cartoons for newspapers and websites and comic books and graphic novels and sometimes just for fun. You can see his work at

Collin Kilty was born and raised in Denver with a tendency for bizarre/macabre artistry. Tattoo artist, painter, and illustrator.

Alonso Vargas Gross is an artist born in Costa Rica, currently residing in Denver, Colorado. His life in Costa Rica and the culture of the country play an important role in his themes and art.

Jeremy/Jaromir Stoll is a university professor, folklorist of comics in India, and creator of comics on the ineffable in life. He self-publishes mysteries and magical realist stories as Great Bear Comics, along with comics about walking through forests and ethical crises.

William Dakota Martin started his comic series A Life In The Day Of Me back in 2010 to show off the more comedic aspects of his own personal life, however when it turned out that his own life wasn’t as funny as he would think, he decided to remake it in a different tone. This was when the box-headed character, Hector, came into the mix with his surreal artistic capabilities that affected his own life as well as others, and now serves as a comedic artistic persona for Martin. Now Hector is a main focus in a lot of Martin’s professional artwork, which is mostly created on cardboard, to not only troll the art world, but to also talk about the backlashes against cutting funding for the arts and humanities program, proving that you can make art out of the cheapest of products and still make it a wonderful piece of work.

Mister V is a Colorado-based cartoonist best known for his graphic novels about healthcare and medical marijuana. His Life is Grand comic strip about Colorado pioneer history is published weekly in The Grand Gazette in Kremmling, CO. He lives in Granby with his wife and perpetually cold chihuahua.

NanCran and Rosa are a duo that began as friends sharing short stories and art and now create comics together. One of their most recent is the webcomic series, Children of Kronos You can read it at

Julian Brier is a Denver comic artist captivated by the surreal, the mystical, the quizzical, and the fanciful. A frequenter of Nob Hill and a denizen of Denver Drink and Draw, Julian spends his time on his new work The Cats of Ostia Antica.

Stan Yan is an elder statesman of the Denver comic scene as a member of Squid Works Comics and Acme Comics since 1987. He has become best known for drawing zombie caricatures of folks over the past dozen years and has taken the plunge into doing children's book with his critically-acclaimed debut picture book release, There's a Zombie in the Basement, last year. See more at

Written by Thane on July 12, 2017

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