Terry Pratchett, not just for reading!

For years I have tried and failed to make it all the way through a Terry Pratchett novel, but his movies, now that's another story...

I don't know why, I try and try yet Pratchett's novels are just beyond me. I love witty books, I love quirky British novels, I like footnotes and random asides in fiction but I just cannot read Terry Pratchett, but his movies, now those I can get behind.

Starting one holiday season a few years ago I had to leave work early with a cold and I took home a strange little DVD set that had caught my eye: Hogfather. In addition to the things listed above I also love covers, takes on stories from a different perspective, so a weird Santa tale seemed to be just the thing to coddle my Christmas cold with, and thus began a love affair with the films made from Terry Pratchett's novels.

I began with Hogfather but perhaps beginning at the beginning would make the most sense so in order of Discworld chronology:

  • The Color of Magic was the first foray into the Discworld saga for Sir Pratchett, this adventure follows the first ever tourist in Discworld, Twoflower, and his hapless guide the unluckiest magician Rincewind.
  • The Hogfather Hogswatchnight has arrived in the land of Discworld only this year Hogfather has called in sick (well actually captured and stuffed away somewhere) and a mysterious stranger has taken his place (well, okay, not so much a stranger, everyone knows this guy with his black cloak and scythe). Can the wizards at the Unseen University and a tenacious Nanny and her charges save the day before it is too late?
  • Going Postal Moist von Lipwig is a con man, but a very careful con man, never con too much, only steal from other con men (read bankers, moneylenders, etc). He never believed his crimes were hurting anyone and certainly never amounted to a hanging crime. Shortly after Moist gets hung to within an inch of his life (literally, the hangman was very exact) he gets offered a chance to make up for his crimes... taking over as Postmaster of Discworld, truly a much more onerous task than it sounds.

I sure hope they keep producing more of these movies. These films are usually released as TV miniseries so they are a bit longer than a feature film but the production design is just beautiful, the costumes, the sets, the backgrounds, everything is just fantastic!!!

Written by Emily on May 16, 2012

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