Tell Us What You Want To Do!

We're planning the Fresh City Life My Branch calendar for the fall and winter months. What events would you like to see?

Do you love gardening? Is cooking your passion? We have a variety of talented programmers who provide free adult cultural events like arts and crafts, cooking demonstrations, gardening classes, guitar lessons, film discussions, sewing sessions, historical field trips, parenting classes, book clubs, painting lessons, and so much more. How do you like to spend your free time? What have you been dying to learn or try? Tell us what you're interested in and we'll see what we can do!


Movie: "Forks over Knives" with a panel representing the different sides vegan vrs paleo vrs traditional vrs Weston Price Traditional

Love it! This is such a powerful and motivating movie for lifestyle changes. Another great idea! Thanks so much.

I would like to meet Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor and Park was Amazing and she has a new book coming out)

Another fabulous idea! Yes, she does have a new book coming out this fall. You can reserve a copy on our website.

Eww, I don't know if we want the smell of fermented food in the library! ha! But this is another great idea! We have several cooks who I'm sure would demonstrate this for us.

Awesome idea, Heather! Thanks for the suggestion! Which location is your home branch?

Either Cherry Creek or Central (I am 1/2 way between the two).

Fermented food: Kombucha! Keffir, sauerkraut, etc.

A book group that meets monthly but instead of books we talk about ted talks. We would watch a ted talk and then discuss and watch another and discuss...

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