Teens--Celebrate National Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month! Will you celebrate by reading a poem? How about writing one? Or maybe even creating one with book spines? Celebrate words and creative expression all month!

If you need some help finding your voice and writing your own poetry, come to one of the great workshop events happening at branch locations throughout Denver this month!

One of my favorite ways to read poetry is as complete stories in novels in verse. Some of my favorites include:

Love That Dog and Hate That Cat, Sharon Creech

A Girl Named Mister and Bronx Masquerade, Nikki Grimes

Naked Bunyip Dancing, Steven Herrick

Peace, Locomotion, Jacqueline Woodson

Shakespeare Bats Cleanup and Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs, Ron Koertge

Addie on the Inside, James Howe

The DPL Teen web site, eVolver, has many more links to help you creatively celebrate National Poetry Month! There are lists of more novels in verse and compilations of poetry to read, as well as books to help you learn to write your own verse. There's even a list of movies about poets and poetry, and links to places where you can share your poetry online!

Remember--much poetry was written to be read aloud, so try reading some out loud, or gather a circle of your friends to read to each other! Explore the power of words! Express yourself! Happy National Poetry Month!

Written by Becker on April 2, 2012

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