National History Day Research Guides

National History Day 2021 Theme: Debate and Diplomacy in History

Every year, National History Day chooses a unifying theme with broad application to world, national, or state history and its relevance to ancient history or to the more recent past. This year's theme is Debate and Diplomacy in History. This month, Denver Public Library librarians created research guides that tied to the theme to give students a jump start on research.

Each guide we create contains research tips and tricks, links to books and manuscripts in the library collection, articles from our library databases (accessible with a library card), and credible internet resources. We know you need primary sources for your project, so we have made special note of those in the research guides. If you need a place to start your research, these guides fit the bill!

Take a look at the resources we have gathered on Compulsory Military Service and Conscientious Objection in the Vietnam War, the Berlin Blockade, and The Iran Hostage Crisis.

Equity is central to the strategic mission of the library and we actively work to promote the history and amazing stories of historically marginalized people. Be sure to check out Amache: World War II Debate on CitizenshipSand Creek Massacre: The Changing Debate over Villains, and Challenging School Segregation: a Chinese American Family's Fight in the Jim Crow South.

Looking to study a controversial topic? Try Rachel Carson and Changing Americans' View of Chemicals or The Equal Rights Amendment: 1923 and 1972.

A complete list of 2021 guides can be found on our teen site. Further, we have been creating guides for more than five years. We leave older guides on our website because while the NHD themes change, most of our guides have application from year to year. Use the search tool if you are looking for other topics.

Do you need more help than just the online resources? You may chat with our librarians 24 hours a day. Log in to our Ask Us! chat service and tell us about your National History Day topic. Let us know what sorts of sources you have found already and what you are still looking for. Our librarians are research experts and they can help you find the best sources for your topic.

We love working with NHD students and we are wishing everyone great success researching Debate and Diplomacy in History!

Written by Robin on October 26, 2021