Made in the ideaLAB

This summer, people of all ages have been making and creating in our ideaLABs across the city. Denver Public Library ideaLABs are community makerspaces, with tools and equipment to make things! They are free to use, open to everyone, and no library card is required. 

Take a look at some of the fun projects people have created. 

Colorado Rainbow Pride flag made with melted beads
Colorado Rainbow Pride Flag made with melted beads
Sewn Fabric Bag
Sewn Fabric Bag
White 3D Printed mouth shaped dice holder
3D Printed Dice Holder

Make Something? Submit it to the Maker Challenge!
If you make something this summer, share a picture or video of it on the Summer of Adventure website. Each entry will get you entered into a drawing to win prizes - electronics kits, tools, art supplies, and more!

Need inspiration?
Come and visit any of our ideaLABs during open lab hours. We’re happy to help you 3D print, sew, and solder your ideas to life

If you want more places to get inspiration, visit Instructables, Make,, or Thingiverse.

Written by MeganP on July 10, 2019