Blockchain Meetup

Blockchain is a new security technology that is used in cyber currency like Bitcoin and seems to be a possible solution for all sorts of problems. Stop by the Blockchain Meetup to learn about this new and exciting technology that has the potential to make our world more efficient and transparent. Decentralized in nature, Blockchain technology can be scaled to address all sorts of problems. Uses in currency, like Bitcoin, is one of the many ways in which Blockchain technology is changing how certain systems operate.  

While early in it's development, Blockchain shows potential to pave the way for innovations like safer and sustainable food systems. If you’d like to learn more or talk with other Blockchain enthusiasts, stop by the Blockchain Meetup to learn how this disruptive technology works and discuss it's real world applications. No prior knowledge required!

Blockchain Meetup 
Tuesday, July 24,  6:15-7:45 p.m.
Central Library
Floor 4, Rockwell Room, Community Technology Center

Written by MeganP on July 17, 2018