Make a Beat with GarageBand

Traditional music studios cost millions of dollars to build. They require a staff, a recording engineer, and thousands of pieces of equipment to run. In the last few years, its become possible to create professional grade music with just a tablet and a little bit of creativity (and a lot of hard work!). If you're interested in dipping your toes into the world of digital music, join us on March 28 for a Make a Beat with GarageBand workshop.

GarageBand is a free to use music creation app for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and macOS. You can record instruments; play digital synthesizers that can sound like strings, clarinets, or a deep pounding bass; and even use loops to craft the music track that you've always wanted to make. In this workshop you'll learn the basics of using the app on the iPad and use drums, strings, and other instruments to make your own music. Bring your creativity, and we'll provide the iPads! No experience, registration, or music theory background required.

Make a Beat with GarageBand
Wednesday, March 28, 1-2:30pm
Central Library Floor 4, SM Energy ideaLAB, Community Technology Center

Written by Keegan on March 6, 2018