Sewing Machine Q & A

Sewing machines are one of the handiest tools to have, but can be frustrating to use, especially when something goes wrong. Skipping stitches, strange noises, and other erratic behavior can make your machine feel like a source of frustration instead of a useful tool. 

The ideaLAB has had lots of practice with maintenance and repair, and are here to demystify your sewing machine! At our live virtual sewing machine meetup, Saturday, October 10, from 1 - 2 PM, we will talk through common ways to troubleshoot and maintain your machine yourself. 

If you have  specific questions about your machine, please comment on this blog post, or reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram, and we will do our best to incorporate them into our meetup.

Can’t make the meetup or can’t wait to get started? Here’s some books you can check out today:

Written by Ashley on September 24, 2020


Kristy on October 9, 2020


Hi there! The problem I’m running into is that the wheel feels like it is grinding/doesn’t want to turn. I dusted the inside of the machine but it still feels like it is about to seize up. Hoping there’s a way to fix this! Thanks!

Maria Lena on June 20, 2021


This post is very helpful. I have Spiegel Sewing Machine. It looks updated and works well. I think you will like it.

Albina on February 13, 2023


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