Learn to Code Meetup: Cloud 101

On Monday, April 30, special guest Vilas Tulachan will give an introduction to Cloud Computing for the Learn to Code Meetup. Vilas is a Cloud Architect at Oracle with over two decades of software development and architecture experience, including work in Silicon Valley.


This will be a beginner friendly introduction to cloud technology and its impact on many fields such as e-commerce, information technology (IT), and artificial intelligence.

Topics will also include basic cloud platforms and services that businesses of every size are leveraging to lower costs, as well as new cloud-related job opportunities being created.


Pizza and drinks will be provided courtesy of Oracle! No registration needed, but feel free to RSVP via Meetup to stay informed about future Learn to Code event via Meetup.com.


Learn to Code Meetup: Cloud 101

Monday, April 30, 6:15 P.M. - 7:45 P.M.

Rockwell Room, Level 4

Central Library


Written by Ashley on April 25, 2018


Marty Pullam on May 2, 2018


Oh man I'm sorry I missed this!
Any chance it was videotaped?

john wright on November 9, 2018


This is important to know all the basics of the coding before implementing that and without that the cloud system will also not work and to fix issues like Dell error code 2000-0142 the same is required.