Call for 2019 ideaLAB Makers in Residence

The Denver Public Library ideaLABs are starting their search for 9 Makers in Residence for 2019!

The Maker in Residence brings in people who make things - quilts, music, robots, folded paper sculpture, you name it - and pays them a stipend to share what they know with the community. Residents will work out of one of the five ideaLABs for a minimum of two hours a week for eight weeks. Working with staff, makers will figure out a way to share what they do with the community - whether that's drop-in sessions, workshops, meetups, a party - and work on a personal project throughout their eight weeks.

Makers get access to our tools, our super smart and talented staff, dedicated time to hone their craft, public exposure for their work, and - should they create a workshop - an introduction to Denver Public Library's performer program, where there's the possibility of getting paid to teach more people after your residency. They also get a $500 stipend, which is better than a sharp stick in the eye, and that warm fuzzy feeling you can only get after sharing something with your community.

Last year, Makers in Residence made amazing Harry Potter quilts, shot portraits of the public in a photo booth, made cigar-box guitars, and created a folding house of recycled paper. The SM Energy ideaLAB already has their first Maker in Residence of 2019, who's teaching folks how to make beats and offering advice on recording. 

We look forward to seeing what you'd like to make: apply to be a 2019 Maker in Residence at!

Need to know more about the Denver Public Library ideaLABs? Read through the ideaLAB page to learn more about our five locations and which tools we have available at each location.

Written by nate on January 14, 2019