Library Beers in the Making!

What's better than a beer inspired by the library? In my book, only a unicorn wearing a jetpack trumps a library beer! 

In conjunction with Outside the Lines and BrewHa!Ha! in September, planning for the library beer began months before you might expect. Luckily, two great local breweries were excited about collaborating with us - Fiction Beer Company and Denver Beer Co.! Our adventure together embodies all that makes Denver great: maker culture, community, friendly cooperation, and the sharing economy. 

Public libraries and breweries are not-so-distant relations philosophically. Hundreds of years ago, Public houses (now just called Pubs) were the one place people could meet on level ground to freely share ideas, just like the library! Fiction and DBC demonstrate devotion to experimentation and an openness to new ideas, a variety of quality source material, great customer service and making Denver the best City possible! The more we worked together, the more we realized just how much we had in common! 

The good folks at Fiction had the splendid idea to invite a local author to join in with us on the creation, naming and launching of a beer complete with book signing! New York Times Best Selling Author Kevin Hearne immediately came to mind, not only because I was a personal fan of his, but also because he was a fan of beer and would be fun to work with. The Iron Druid Chronicles inspired the style of both beers as the main character, ancient (and still totally hot) druid Atticus O'Sullivan enjoyed Irish Cream Ales. The first book of the Iron Druid Chronicles is Hounded. There are currently 7 published in a planned series of 9. (Nine is an important number in Irish mythology)

Denver Beer Co. put a completely different spin on the cream ale and created Sour 641.23. Both beers used two row barley, but Sour 641.23 has been crafted with yogurt and black currants that added several days to the process. The combination for this beer was inspired by a summer trip to France to buy Hops near Strasbourg and the beer the brewer enjoyed while there. Hoist a pint with us on Thursday, September 3, at the release party. Remember to bring your Library card for $1 off your pour and ask for Sour 641.23.

Fiction Beer Company has created Third Eye Library & Herbs, a specialty brew inspired by Denver Public Library and the Iron Druid Chronicles. We think you’ll love this flavorful and satisfying cream ale. It features the earthy herbal flavor of caraway that blends perfectly with the sweetness of poached pears, turning this style of beer on its head. Join Denver Public Library and local author Kevin Hearne at Fiction Beer Company Friday, September 4 and get $1 off your first beer when you show your Library card. Books will be on sale by local bookstore Broadway Book Mall which Kevin will happily sign!

Being involved in the creation of this beer, seeing how the style and flavors are inspired and selected, "helping" in the brewing process and learning new vocabulary like mill and auger, mash tun and wort, and vorloffing, lautering and sparging has forever changed the way I will look at beer! To think that each pint of delicious fermentation has undergone such careful attention, devoted love and sweet sweet science only makes each sip more beautiful! I hope that everyone who tastes these two unique creations will feel the love we all poured into it. Cheers!

Written by Tara on September 1, 2015


Anonymous on September 1, 2015



Anonymous on September 1, 2015


This is totally awesome and a great blog post!!! What a great idea and a fun month!

Former DPLer on September 2, 2015


The event was wonderful. The beers were delicious. Thank you Tara.

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