Take Home a Book Bundle Today!

Maybe you only have a few minutes to stop by the library to pick out books, or maybe your child really, really loves books about dinosaurs. Either way, a Book Bundle from the Children's Library is just the ticket!

What's a Book Bundle? It's a bundle of 5 books on a topic hand-picked by our awesome librarians and tied up with a ribbon. Book Bundles can be checked out for three weeks, just like regular books. Some of the available topics include: trains, colors, zoos, numbers, elephants, ABC's, and siblings.

Stop by the Children's Library and check one out today!

Written by AmyM on December 28, 2013


Anonymous on December 29, 2013


Great idea!

AmyM on January 4, 2014

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Thanks! Hope you get a chance to come by and pick one out! :)

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