Women of the Chicano Movement

Please join us on March 1, at 2 p.m. at the Central Library to hear Dr. Priscilla Falcon from the University of Northern Colorado speak. Dr. Falcon is the director of Hispanic Studies at the University of Northern Colorado. She is a Chicana activist who has spent her career promoting greater awareness of the Chicano culture and of the injustices committed against its population. She has worked all across the Unites States and Mexico promoting social justice for people on both sides of the border. 

In partnership with History Colorado’s El Movimiento: The Chicano Movement in Colorado exhibit, Dr. Priscilla Falcon, University of Northern Colorado, will speak about the women of the Chicano Movement in Colorado. The presentation will center on the National Floral Workers Strike in Brighton Colorado led by Lupe Briseno. ​This strike against Kitayama Corporation's floral operations, was one of the first floral worker's strikes in which both the organizers and workers were Chicanas and Mexicanas. 

Please join us for this amazing learning opportunity. ​

*picture courtesy of Denver Public Library's Western History/Genealogy newspaper collection

Written by Susan on February 23, 2015


Anonymous on January 28, 2016


I had the opportunity to have her as a teacher, she is an amazing teacher and amazing person. She was the reason why i added a M.A.S. minor her stories, her struggles, her achievements is what makes her admirable Thank you Dr. Falcon for all you work for and your knowledge and Thank you for being part of a movement that shaped my life forever.

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