These May Be The Strangest Movies Ever!


It's October, and as you know, it is a time for scares, costumes, and all things creepy. I've decided to dedicate this blog to this, my favorite time of the year, but with a little twist. Instead of the classic scary movie blog, this blog will be about the strangest movies I've ever seen.

I have seen a ton of bizarre, strange, and unusual films in my lifetime, but I think I've finally found two films that really "take the cake." The Films are Gozu and Little Otik. When I ordered these movies and saw the images on the DVD cases for the first time, I was already preparing myself for a trippy experience. For example, take a look at the covers of these two films; one has a man crouched down in his underwear with a giant bull head for a mask, and the other has a lady holding a wooden baby doll-type thing that has clothes and a pacifier. Your curiosity will probably kick in and make you at least want to give these films a chance.

Gozu and Little Otik go straight for the jugular when it comes to being bizarre, and in the first ten minutes of these films you will see why I chose them for this blog. I was following the stories of both films very closely, but after a while I realized that I'd completely forgotten the storyline.  Gozu and Little Otik seem to defy all logic. I would love to share more about these films, but don't want to give away any spoilers. I truly feel that Gozu and Little Otik are must-see films because they are so unique, artsy, and surprisingly comedic. In my opinion, Little Otik and Gozu are in a genre of their own and are very fitting for the month of all things strange.

Unfortunately, we no longer have a copy of Gozu in the Denver Public Library catalog, so it must be ordered through Interlibrary Loan (World Cat). There is, however, one copy of Little Otik in the Denver Public Library system.


Jan Svankmajer's version of Alice in Wonderland is also Am-aaaazingly creepy

Wow I just checked out that version and it look's weird but, perfect for this time of year I will have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation, if you have anymore please let me know.

you've of course watched the Brothers Quay yes?

I've never seen it but, looks interesting I will check it out and give it a try

Little Otik was one of the most disturbing movies i have ever seen... it was... wow... i had completely blocked it out, so thanks for that Eric when i am terrorized by that little wooden baby tonight in my dreams i shall know who to thank...

Sorry, I didn't mean to conjure up scary memories or bring you nightmares.

This reminds me of Scandinavian movies in general- the film Songs from the Second Floor was SO strange I felt like my head had been turned upside down, emptied, and rearranged.

I never heard of 'songs from the Second Floor' I will have to check it out and in my opinion the music selected in any film can either make or break a movie. Experts say "exposure to music makes changes in the way your brain works; it opens up new patterns of thinking". which is why the songs and sound effects is such a critical aspect of a movie. It can either enhance's and submerge oneself into a film or can be an utter disaster.

Little Otik looks freaky.

'little Otik' is very creepy as well as comedic. Very unique film

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