Storytime Music!

Here at the Children's Library we know storytime wouldn't be the same without music!​

Why is music an important part of storytime? Singing, one of the Every Child Ready to Read early literacy practices, helps kids learn new words and letter sounds as they are stretched out to fit the rhythm of the song. Music without words is also beneficial because it helps children learn about rhythm and patterns. Finally, music is fun! The more kids associate having fun with reading, the more they'll want to read.

Some of the many ways we use music at storytime include:

Adding music into your daily life is a fun and easy way to develop your child's early literacy skills.

Here are a few of our favorite storytime CDs:

Written by AmyM on March 21, 2014


Josh J on March 22, 2014


...and for Spanish story time Jose Luis Orozco, Moona Luna are two of my favorites. Even Disney has a few cool Spanish-language albums.

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