Volume: A Local Music Project is Live!


The Denver Public Library is excited to announce the launch of Volume, our new music website featuring local bands and musicians. DPL has always been about reaching out to support our community, and we're looking to reinforce that goal by offering our customers free streaming music and downloads. Most of this unique content is not available in big box stores, so Volume steps in to fill that gap by supporting local artists and connecting the people of Denver to our vibrant music scene. Volume showcases the diversity of our local music community, from Americana to Hip-Hop, Metal to World, and much more. This initial collection is just the beginning, as DPL plans to add new artists and albums on a regular basis.

DPL cardholders can stream and download music, create playlists and share them on the site. We invite you to explore Volume and start listening to some of the best music Denver has to offer. If you don't already have a library card register online and start listening right now!


Great musical article. Thanks

I love Volume...the artist featured are pretty amazing :)

how does one submit a tune or two?

Now accepting submissions for round 2 at https://volumedenver.org/volume-submissions-round-2

Hi e. edgar. DPL will be accepting submissions for round 2 soon - the exact date has not yet been determined. Check back at volumedenver.org where you will see a message at the top of the page with information on how to submit. We'll also make announcements here on denverlibrary.org and on our primary Twitter and Facebook accounts - denverlibrary.org/social. Good luck!

This is really great. Thanks DPL!

Great job pulling together some cool local musicians. Thanks for the opportunity of getting access!

Very cool!! Does CPR's Open Air know about this?

Not yet, but we're working on it!

Whoa, this is uber cool. Thx

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