Smiley: One Branch One Story

Deru Family

Smiley: One Branch One Story

The Deru family has been visiting the Smiley Branch Library once a week attending our Thursday storytimes with Mr. Dana for many years. Now that many of the Deru boys have graduated from our preschool storytime, they all participate in the Summer of Reading at Smiley attending every program. They are superb crafters and each made fantastic fossils during out Fossil Prints class, sharing some of their knowledge of prehistoric prints with the rest of the group. As big science fans the Deru boys have devoured most of our nonfiction collection focusing on their love of bird watching!

This family creates a bright spot in the week at the Smiley Branch and still enjoys their time with Mr. Dana outside of storytime. Check out our video of the Deru family for a special interview from Mr. Dana himself!


My kids are "graduates" of Dana story hours too. Dana Richardson is gem and Smiley story hours are epic. What a tremendous service to the community, and what an impact on a generation of kids! Thank You Dana!

Mr Dana and his ukulele rock!

Absolutely fabulous family, story and video! Thanks for sharing, Hana and Dana!

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