Winter of Reading is coming

What is the best thing to do during the long cold winter months? Why, read of course! Anyone who is a Book Person (and aren’t we all) can tell you that the best way to spend a cold day is curled up with a good book, listening to some tunes and sipping from a steaming mug of tea. Reading is a pleasure, but in case you needed further incentive to get your read on, we’ve created a brand new adult reading program called Winter of Reading where you can earn prizes in exchange guessed it, reading. Well, reading and doing other bookish and libraryish things.

Winter of Reading runs February 1st-March 31st, and participation is ludicrously easy. Simply head into any DPL location (including the Hoyt and Children's departments at Central) anytime in the next two months and ask staff for a brochure. You’ll have to complete three of eight book-related activities in order to earn your prizes (the activities are fun), and as soon as you’re done, simply return to any DPL location, turn in your completed brochure and claim your booty. We won’t tell you what it is, but we’re pretty sure you’ll like what you get.

Why did we do this? Well, every summer during Summer of Reading* as we're handing out prizes to tots in the form of rubber duckies, books, Elitch tickets and other kid-friendly doo-dads and hoo-hahs, we get countless comments from grown ups asking “why don’t you do this for adults?” So we decided to give it a try, and what better time to start than the cold winter months when we’re all indoors most of the time, anyway.

Now read on!

*Kids log the books they read over the summer in exchange for some pretty awesome prizes.

Written by Simone on January 26, 2015


Anonymous on January 26, 2015


Count me in! What do we have to read? Or do we pick our own books?

Suggestion Box on February 14, 2015


It would be really helpful if you'd scan the brochure (as, say, a .pdf file) and post it here so we could have it right away. This sounds like fun!

Simone on February 15, 2015


We will definitely consider making a version of the Winter of Reading brochure available online for next time- thank you for your suggestion and enthusiasm! I hope you can make it into a branch to participate this time around.

Anonymous on February 18, 2015


Another way for you to track what I am reading? Lame


If you'd like to participate but aren't comfortable writing down title information into your brochure, feel free to write generic information.

For example, for the question What Did You Listen To? you can simply respond with "World Music" or "Americana." We respect your privacy.

Anonymous on August 8, 2015



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