Shut Down but not Shut Out

Shut Down but not Shut Out

The federal government may be shut down for a while, but the materials and staff of the federal documents depository at DPL are at your service!  Here are a few rundowns about what's going on during the shutdown.


The New York Times looks at the fates of different employees of government agencies.

The Washington Post has a more comprehensive list of agencies and links to their contingency plans.  The Post's Wonkblog provides more details and some historical context. summarizes the effects of the shutdown here, and will be updated as needed.

Many .gov websites are unavailable, including those for the Census and the Library of Congress.  Others, like the one for Bureau of Labor Statistics is running, but not being updated, and some, such as the Patent and Trademark Office and the Internal Revenue Service are doing their online business as usual, at least for the moment

As always, if you are having difficulty finding government information, give Reference Services a call at 720 865-1363.  As the home of DPL's government documents depository, we may have some print sources or other work-arounds for shut-down information sources.


Good news--most of the Library of Congress sites appear to be back up!

No worries--Denver Public Library is open as usual! This blog post is about the federal government shutdown and its effect on government information sources.

Does all DPL is shut down?

NOAA's main site is down, but is up and running for current information.

In addition, some private-sector organizations are stepping up to fill in gaps. Oxford University Press says they will provide individual access for two weeks to their Social Explorer database, which includes Census and American Community Survey data. Look here for details:

For DPL customers, EBSCO is providing temporary access to ERIC, a government database of publications on education.

As the Government Documents librarian at DPL, I'd be interested to hear how the shutdown is affecting your access to government information.

What is we do for all items that we had. Did we get overdue and charge us.

We have detailed information about fines and fees for overdue materials. You can also call 720-865-1325 for assistance with overdue items. I hope this helps.

The Missouri Census Data Center's page has an easy-to-use alternate interface for Census and American Community Survey data. You might like it so much you use it even after the shutdown!

Also, you can chat with a librarian live for assistance on DPL AskUs!

Check out the Twitter tag #datadown for more news about .gov sites.

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