Shopping with Joan Crawford: This Isn't Her First Time At The Grocery Store

Joan Crawford filmed several public service ads to promote American grocery stores, but you can't miss the product placement for the company for whom she was really shilling. This nostalgic 1965 advertisement is a reminder that we need to take charge of our own eating and food choices. Unless you'd prefer Joan to do all of your shopping for you. Which I kind of would.

Our Chef Shellie brings great information and tasty sampling to our cooking event this Saturday.

Better Living Through Ignoring Chemistry: or How to Stop Being Part of a Dangerous Experiment
Saturday, July 27, 10:30 a.m.-Noon
Central Library, Level B2 Conference Center
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We are responsible for our own health and our nutritional choices. There is a vast gap (more like a crevasse!) between what we know about our food and what we ought to know. Chef Shellie from KitchenCUE will arm us with the questions to ask and give us the simple tools to use to become more mindful cooks and conscientious eaters – for our health and for the future of the planet. Sound too epic? Chef Shellie boils it all down to this: while the information we all need so that we can take responsibility for our own health and well being is well hidden behind colorful advertisements and spiffy marketing phrases…the answers are not difficult to expose. Come see it here as Chef Shellie empowers you to make excellent food choices on a dangerous planet. We’ll also celebrate the coming local harvest with a recipe centered on high nutritional value – green, glorious and full of vitality – Rubbed Kale Salad with Feta Dressing. Are you making rubbed kale salads? They’re divine. Samples included. Seating is limited, please register online or call 720-865-1206.

(This cooking demo will be followed by a showing of the documentary, Hungry for Change. Showtime: 12:30 p.m. in the Level B2 Conference Center.)

Check out this video of Joan's grocery shopping PSA from 1965.


Written by Chris on July 23, 2013


Lisa on July 24, 2013


Pretty funny video, but looking at the food available in 1965 highlights just how differently people ate 50 years ago. Pepsi would have been a rare treat, and the only fish available in Denver (on Fridays) was frozen fish sticks.


Hey Lisa,
Thanks for reading and checking out the video. Yes, grocery stores have changed a lot, thankfully!

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