Did Someone Say Cheese?

Did Someone Say Cheese?
Did Someone Say Cheese? Did Someone Say Cheese?

After learning that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had teamed up with a winemaking family in Provence and created the award-winning Chateau Miraval Rosé 2012, my first thought was what kind of cheese the fabulous couple would pair it with.


It turns out that a Rosé is best complemented by a milder, soft cheese, such as Brie or Camembert, according to Fiona Beckett's Cheese Course (2009). This beautifully photographed volume also includes over 40 recipes, as well as tips for entertaining with, selecting and storing cheese.

If you need a book that offers 25 varieties of mac & cheese, then the the Tillamook Cheese Cookbook (2009), which celebrates 100 years of the Tillamook cooperative farm, is for you. It also offers recipes for cheese truffles, cheddar & beer fondue, and grilled Mexican pizza, as well as a succinct wine-pairing section.

For those occasions when you're out and about visiting the wine or cheese store, let a handy cheese app, such as Fromage or the Wisconsin Cheese Cupid, show you the best whey to make a great cheese plate or help you with pairing.

The origins of the cheese ball are cloaked in mystery and speculation; though you still sometimes see them at holiday parties, there were recipes available as early as the 1920s. Cheese balls (often containing monosodium glutamate) reached their zenith in the 1950s, which makes them a festive and ironic choice for today's hipster parties. All you need is a little inspiration from Great Balls of Cheese (2013) by Michelle Buffardi, which contains over 50 recipes, some of them savory, such as the Pigskin, Nacho Cat or Herbed Turkey cheese ball, and some of them sweet, as in the Chocolate Cheese ball. All of the recipes are simple, with ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen.

Do you find books about cheese a little tame? Then put yourself on the waiting list for The Telling Room: A Story of Love, Betrayal, Revenge, and the World's Greatest Piece of Cheese 2013). In 2000, writer Michael Paterniti befriended Ambrosio, a cheesemaker in a Spanish village who made a cheese that was both delicious and mystical - when consumed it was said to trigger buried memories. Then things went horribly wrong. Also available in audio and ebook formats.

Local cheese-making classes and tours

Learn to make cheese, bread or soap at the charming Stone Creek Farmstead (located in Divide) or meet some baby goats at Broken Shovels Farm in Commerce City this Sunday from 1-3 while visiting the Thanksgiving market. In Longmont, tour the award-winning Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy and sample 5 cheeses.


I actually had a customer a couple months ago asking all about making cheese at home and looking for books he could check out. Hopefully he'll return to our website and catch up with this post!

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