Right Neighborly

Ah, home sweet home...um, maybe. That urban castle of solace can quickly turn into one of strife if you are plagued by nosey or noisy neighbors.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood never prepared us for the Griswolds and Mr. & Mrs. Smiths of the world. Now that the weather is improving, you can't rush past your neighbor because it's too cold to chat. So how can you move from avoidance to acceptance and appreciate the neighbors you have? Aside from practicing good citizenship skills, a quick solution is to acknowledge there is a problem and use creepy, scary movie therapy. Your current neighbors will never look better!

Complaint #1: Mow your yard, buy some mulch, and plant some flowers already!
Solution: Rear Window because murder kills a yard faster than a neighbor without a green thumb.

Complaint #2: Too many block parties!
Solution: The Stepford Wives because being part of a group is mind numbing.

Complaint #3: I just got off work and don't want to talk about my spirituality.
Solution: Rosemary's Baby because when you live next door to the Devil's family, chatting with anyone else who rings your doorbell is truly win/win.

Complaint #4: My neighbors have no personality.
Solution: Invasion of the body Snatchers because having neighbors that suck the life out of you is far worse. (See also complaint #2)

Complaint #5: Why all the renovations after midnight?!
Solution: Fright Night because your neighbor may be a vampire and you need to know how to get rid of him.

Still no neighborly relief? Before you rent a U-Haul, let us help you help yourself. The Library has movies for whatever ails you.

Written by Laurie. on April 29, 2013


Anonymous on April 30, 2013


This blog is awesome!

Anonymous on April 30, 2013


Serial Mom needs to be on this list for sure!

Anonymous on May 1, 2013


Thanks for the laugh!

Laurie. on May 6, 2013


Serial Mom is a great title for this list. Two colleagues also recommended Pepping Tom and Barton Fink...both very creepy, scary movies.

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