Songfinder News! Also, What is Songfinder?!

We are now offering Songfinder as an Excel spreadsheet! Listings of sheet music in the Reference Department are now available in spreadsheet form, so they can be sorted and explored with Excel functionality. In addition, the spreadsheet contains tabs with our holdings of many popular songwriters, such as George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, and Irving Berlin.

For those new to our sheet-music collection, you may be surprised to learn that the library has about 11,000 scores available for your research and entertainment. We have many pieces from the historic era of Tin Pan Alley, songs that inspired jazz standards, and scores played before the invention of the record player. Some of the more remarkable works include a dirge written in memory of Abraham Lincoln after his assassination, traditional songs for the branches of the armed forces, commemorative works (e.g., "The Official Song of the World's Fair of 1940"), humorous novelties, and many piano solos.

History was made in the pages of this music--songs that defined eras, romance, and memories. What music was playing when your parents first met? What were the hits from famous musicals that everyone was singing? Is there music here a musician will re-imagine and bring back to life? Will that musician be you?

The sheet music collection is in the Reference Department on Floor 3 of the Central Library. Visit us soon. If you have sheet music you would like to donate to Reference's collection, please contact us at 720-865-1363 or


Written by Steve on February 8, 2018


Steve on February 8, 2018


Enjoy! We also have plenty of music reference.