LyndaLibrary to be discontinued on December 31, 2019

Complete all LyndaLibrary Coursework by December 31, 2019

At the end of the year, DPL will discontinue our subscription to the LyndaLibrary online learning service. We are actively looking for a replacement product and hope to have a new learning platform available when the current service ends. 

LyndaLearning was acquired by LinkedIn and the new terms of service raise privacy concerns for library users. Users will be required to create a LinkedIn profile, public by default, and searchable on Google and LinkedIn. The American Library Association issued a statement urging LinkedIn to reconsider the new terms and protect patron privacy. 

“The requirement for users of LinkedIn Learning to disclose personally identifiable information is completely contrary to ALA policies addressing library users’ privacy, and it may violate some states’ library confidentiality laws,” said ALA President Wanda Kay Brown. “It also violates the librarian’s ethical obligation to keep a person’s use of library resources confidential. We are deeply concerned about these changes to the terms of service and urge LinkedIn and its owner, Microsoft, to reconsider their position on this.”

Many libraries across the country have already cancelled their subscriptions, and unless LinkedIn makes substantial changes, DPL will follow suit when our contract expires at the end of the year. 

Written by stacey on November 4, 2019