DPL's Guide to Scandal-Free College Preparation

Do you want to help your high schooler get into a good college, yet would prefer not to be arrested by the FBI or be publicly disgraced? The Denver Public Library can help.

Our teen webpage, Evolver, offers:

The Learning Express Library (available with your DPL card) has practice tests, tutorials and ebooks for the following exams: 

  • ACT
  • AP

Learning Express has additional resources, including preparation for college placement tests and reviews for math, grammar, and science.

The college application process is competitive these days, and a good essay can make all the difference.  LyndaLibrary (available with your DPL card) has a free, two-hour online course, College Prep:  Writing a Strong Essay, that will help your student, plan, draft, edit and polish a memorable college essay. There are also classes on public speaking, writing a research paper or video script, Microsoft Word, and test-taking strategies.

Questions? Ask Reference Services or call 720-865-1363 today! 

Written by Lisa on March 21, 2019