The Christian Science Monitor: 110 Years of Bias-Free Reporting

When Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy's new religion was under journalistic attack in the early 20th century, she fought back by starting her own newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor , with the objective “to injure no man, but to bless all mankind.”

Eddy envisioned a high-quality newspaper that avoided sensationalism, and, although there was to be no support of the Christian Science doctrine, every issue would have one article about religion.

The first issue of The Christian Science Monitor was published on Nov. 25, 1908, and its circulation grew to 120,000 in the first ten years. The paper was spare and had few photos until 1965, when a change in format allowed for pictures on the first page, with color photos being added in the 1980s. In 2009, the Monitor ceased publishing the daily print edition and became the first national newspaper to switch to an online only format.

There is no advertising for tobacco or alcohol, sketchy financial investments, or movies considered to be indecent.

The Monitor is considered to be "least biased" by Media Bias/ Fact Check, and has won 7 Pulitzer Prizes and many other awards, and is available with your DPL card.  

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Written by Lisa on December 14, 2017


mardell on December 15, 2017


Very interesting article. I enjoy reading the weekly CSM in the
print edition (It may only be available by subscription, as I
have not noticed it on news stands). I think it has some of the
best news reporting available today--ethical and unbiased, as
you mentioned.

Leigh on December 21, 2017


Thanks for this timely blog post, Lisa--in my humble opinion, the Christian Science Monitor is the best newspaper: period. I have subscribed to it since I was in college (over 40 years ago!)--used to be a daily, now is weekly...but the reporting in it is bar none! I also read the New York Times & the Denver Post and other newsy sources, but to get the real deal, truth with accurate facts, the CS Monitor is the best!