Need to Pass a Test? Let the LearningExpress Library Help

Ebsco's LearningExpress Library (available with your DPL card) is a comprehensive, online learning tool that provides support to students and professionals for academic skill-building and standardized test preparation.  

Tutorials, downloadable e-books, flashcards, articles and practice tests are available with immediate scoring and customized study plans that will help learners in the following areas:

  • Business writing skills
  • College entrance exams (ACT, GRE and SAT)
  • Cosmetology
  • Elementary through high school skills improvement
  • EMS, firefighter, law enforcement and other civil service jobs
  • GED (also available in Spanish)
  • Job and Career Success Skills
  • Citizenship

After you log in to LearningExpress, you'll create an account for a secure personal portfolio that keeps track of your activities. 

I decided to try my hand at the Police Officer Practice:  Judgment and Problem Solving I test.  Apparently the skill set required for librarianship and those for a police officer are very different - I received a score of 53%, and the following message:

"Your score indicates that you are not prepared for the judgment and problem solving questions on your police officer exam. However, this is only a practice test and your performance here is only an estimate of how you might perform on your official examination."  

But I wasn't discouraged since LearningExpress then offered several resources, such as Police Officer Exam:  Power Practice to help improve my score.  

There are also some great resources for citizenship, including practice tests, an overview of the whole process, and how and where to get help.  


Written by Lisa on March 8, 2018


GenineP on March 20, 2018


Nice work, Lisa! Fun idea to try a test for a different line of work. Wonder how I'd do on Cosmetology...

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