Get Engaged - with the Colorado General Assembly

The Denver Post recently ran a headline that read "Rural Colorado is about to score a major broadband win, and so are Gov. John Hickenlooper and lawmakers."  The first two paragraphs read as follows:  

Gov. John Hickenlooper is poised to sign a bill to allocate $115 million in the next five years to extend high-speed internet to rural Colorado, a significant step toward achieving his goal to connect the entire state.

The measure is a legacy piece for the term-limited governor and a major victory for state lawmakers who prioritized the needs of beleaguered rural communities as a way to bridge their deep divide with the state’s robust urban areas.

The full text of the story is available from the Denver Post website or from America's Newspapers (with a library card).  

The Financing Rural Broadband Deployment Bill (SB18-002) was introduced by four prime sponsors, two Republican senators and two Democratic representatives, along with numerous sponsors and co-sponsors from both sides of the aisle. 

How do Colorado citizens get their ideas to lawmakers?  And how do we keep track of what's going on with the legislature?  

The Colorado General Assembly's website has a lot of information and tools to help us engage with our lawmakers and the legislative process at the State Capitol.  

  • To begin with, it might be helpful to know how a bill becomes a law in Colorado. Watch this video to learn all about it.  
  • If you have ideas, suggestions, or concerns you want to share with our state legislators, you can contact your house representative and/or your senator.  The Find My Legislator page can help you find out who they are.  
  • Are you interested in watching or listening to live or recorded video and audio of legislative sessions?  Try the Watch & Listen page. 
  • Do you want to find a bill?  Do you know the bill number or sponsor?  Do you want to search by keyword?  Do you want to look at popular bills or just browse them by topic?  Check out the Bills, Resolutions & Memorials page.
  • Are you interesting in visiting the Capitol and taking a tour?  Check out the Visit & Learn page. 

To keep up with what's going on with Colorado state government through the media, here are some good resources:

If you really want to engage with the Colorado General Assembly by running for office, check out the Colorado Secretary of State's web page for state candidates!

Got questions?  Ask Us or call Reference Services at 720-865-1363!  

Written by Frank on March 28, 2018