Raise your nerd quotient! Learn to code!

Lately, my nerd level has felt at low ebb. I’ve yet to find a RPG game to replace my last obsession, and I’ve finally caught up with all the comics I missed while I was out of the country. I found myself wondering: what new activity can I take up which I will have difficulty explaining to my beautiful and surprisingly patient wife?

So I’ve decided to learn JavaScript.

There are fantastic resources online for those who want to learn how to code: I’ve started at Codecademy, which provides a series of self-paced, online tutorials on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It’s gamified, meaning that you can earn points and badges for completing lessons and projects, brag about it on Facebook or Twitter, and you can compete against friends, should you have any.

I’ve been supplementing Codecademy with video lessons from LearnersTV, which has an absolutely ridiculous amount of courses, with subjects from Java to PHP to C++ to artificial intelligence. Should you have interests outside computers, LearnersTV also offers video courses in math, law, medicine, language, and many other subjects.

Another terrific resource is W3Schools. If you want to learn JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, ASP, or any other awkward collection of letters which signify another web development language you don’t know, W3Schools has a tutorial on it. Their courses are stuffed with examples – examples which you can tweak and manipulate online and see the results immediately.

It keeps taking me longer and longer to remember, but I do work in the library, so there are plenty of books on JavaScript all around me. If only I could leave the computer for a couple minutes to check one out...

Do you have any favorite online learning resources? Please pass them on in the comments!

Written by nate on May 15, 2012

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