Put On Your Thinking Cap

There's no better way to ease into the new school year than with a pop quiz. For every tagline below, guess the corresponding movie title. No pencil or paper needed for this challenge but please, do keep your eyes on your own screen.

To get started, click the link for the title and place a hold for those you haven't seen or wish to view again for extra credit. (The Library doesn't give extra credit but it sure sounds motivating.)

Hint: all movies feature middle school or high school angst without one John Hughes film in the mix.

 1)  Saving the world...one homework assignment at a time.
 2)  History is about to be rewritten by two guys who can't spell.
 3)  He just landed the gig of his life: 5th grade.
 4)  Lead us not into temptation.
 5)  He's an overwhelming underachiever.
 6)  What if your teachers really were from another planet?
 7)  Our story. Our words.
 8)  Politics, popularity, paranoia, pharmaceuticals. Are you in?
 9)  Hate 'em because they're beautiful? Well, they don't like you either.
10) Insanity is relative.
11) His courage made them champions.
12) The only way he could fit in was to stand out.
13) I pine! I perish!
14) At a tough school, someone had to take a stand.
15) We accept the love we think we deserve.
16) History is written by the winners.
17) Who says you're only young once.
18) Add your favorite tagline/title below.

Cool school rule in and out of the classroom, cite your source! Thanks to IMDB for the taglines.

Written by Laurie. on August 19, 2013


ReeseP on August 19, 2013


I like much ado about middle school.

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