Book Discovery: Podcasts

You've finished the book. There's no sequel. You've got no back up options. "What do I read next?" may be your literary existential crisis but our raison d'être. Library staff use a number of discovery tools, like podcasts, to learn about books, movies, and music you may enjoy. Coincidentally, these are all the things we enjoy too!

Dirtbag Diaries, a producer of several podcasts, notes "Radio is back." Internet radio and mobile devices have made podcasts a burgeoning creative medium. Lake Wobegon is not the only audio in town, Welcome to Night Vale joins a growing list of virtual real estate.

Podcasts are inexpensive to produce, often freeing up prohibitive ties to corporate and government revenues. Free speech finds a friend in podcasts; an ideal medium for popular culture and not so popular culture. (Culture, like beauty, is a subject of much debate.) Podcasts can also be recorded in any language including salty vernaculars. Just like books, not all podcasts may be parent approved nor appreciated by adults who prefer low sodium expletives.

Interested in current affairs, Sherlock Holmes or philosophy? How about travel, food or just generic stuff? There is a podcast for you Gamers, news agencies, cinephiles, history buffs, and comedians - especially comedians - are just a few of the producers of podcasts. NPR is always a favorite and popular business magazines like Forbes review podcasts.

Popular podcasts for in-depth book reviews include: Page-Turner, Writers & Company, This Week in Blackness, Books on the Nightstand, and Slate's Audio Club. Do you have a favorite podcast?

Browsing for new podcasts is easy. Visit a podcast network like Ear Wolf, The Nerdist or iTunes to get started. If you need technical assistance, the Computer Technology Center is ready to help.

Even with all these resources at your fingertips, we want to hear your voice. Please visit a branch near you or give us a call. Your next read is waiting for you!

Written by Laurie. on March 3, 2014


FrankW on January 1, 2016


Hi Laurie - I'm going to try to pick one or two podcasts for 2016. I was searching for podcast recommends and your blog post was one of the top results on Google!! I'm going to check out your recommendations and may also just ask you when I see you. Happy New Year!!

Laurie. on December 20, 2017


Hi Frank, do you have any podcast recommendations for 2018?

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