It's every pet owner's worst nightmare - your dog is injured or in need of medical care and you can't afford the necessary vet bills. Fortunately, PetAid Animal Hospital (formerly Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital) is here to provide comprehensive and compassionate veterinary care for pets of the economically disadvantaged and has been doing so since 1990.

The animal hospital is just one of the services offered by its umbrella organization, PetAid Colorado, which collaborates with veterinarians and community partners (like the Animal Assistance Foundation) to prevent animal suffering and relinquishment through a unique array of programs, including PetAid Care Grants, PetAid Disaster Services, and PetAid Home Outreach.

Grants, corporate donations and sponsorships all play a part in the organization's fundraising strategy, but the annual Mutts and Models fundraiser (see video below) brings in the most revenue for the organization. This money allows PetAid to subsidize the care that they provide through the four programs. Aside from fundraising, this event helps to promote awareness of PetAid Colorado through media relations, word-of-mouth, and in attracting generous donors. In addition, individuals can donate in a variety of ways, including in-kind gifts from the wish list, pledges, or online through

Tara Miller, Manager of Public Relations also credits the board for the organization's success. She says, "The PetAid Colorado’s Board of Directors is made up of animal lovers from all walks of life. Whether they work in advertising, contracting, the legal field, or another animal welfare organization, all members contribute to the success of the organization by growing awareness amongst their professions and peers, helping in fundraising, and guiding staff in policy and logistical decisions."

Clients who are income-qualified can receive the following services:

    * General veterinary services, including preventive care and treatment for sick and injured pets of income-qualified clients.
    * Vaccination and microchipping.
    * Spay and neuter surgeries available to the general public and discounted for income-qualified clients.
    * Trauma services, diagnostic, medical, and surgical services for Denver area shelter or rescue organizations.

Tara adds, "PetAid Colorado has helped thousands of vulnerable pets, but my personal favorite is that of a gentleman who brought his injured dog into PetAid Animal Hospital. The dog was hit by a car and the owner took him to an emergency veterinarian, who said the hind leg had been severely broken. The choice was a very expensive surgery, euthanasia, or relinquishment to a shelter.

"The owner has been struggling to make ends meet lately, but loves his dog dearly and considers him a part of the family. After realizing he couldn’t afford to get the needed surgery, the owner went to surrender the dog at a local animal shelter. Because of the collaborative efforts by PetAid Colorado and local animal shelters and organizations, the shelter referred the owner to PetAid Animal Hospital. Using donor-subsidies, the dog had its leg amputated and was reunited with his loving owner. I was able to meet the owner and the pet, and it is touching to be able to see a pet stay in a home that provides great care and love. The owner couldn’t thank us enough and left in tears."

PetAid Animal Hospital is Colorado's largest nonprofit veterinary hospital in the State, and is accredited by The American Animal Hospital Association at its highest level.

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Written by Lisa on November 29, 2012


Frank on November 29, 2012


Very nice Lisa! Can't wait to watch the video too.

Leigh Ann on November 29, 2012


Thank you for spreading the good word about such a fantastic resource, Lisa! Anyone going through a rough spot financially who needs help with an injured or sick pet, the PetAid Animal Hospital is a wonderful place to turn to--likewise from the other side, when one is enjoying properous circumstances, a very worthy non-profit to support!

CathyJ on November 30, 2012


I'm so glad to know about this organization, Lisa. Thank you!

Lee on November 30, 2012


Quality, affordable care for your pet if you are struggling financially. Excellent organization!

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