Fresh City Life stops for Perpetual Motion

Sometimes it is worth it to stop and enjoy something on your journey, rather than to always be in perpetual motion. This past Saturday we got to do both. Denver locals Josie Quick and Tom Carleno brought Perpetual Motion to Fresh City Life.

Right off, I'll tell you that, if you missed this wonderful concert, we will be bringing Perpetual Motion back for an encore in the new year. They are fantastic!

This sought-after duo blends acoustic world music into a bright fusion of sounds. Mixing international styles, Perpetual Motion moves effortlessly between the traditions of Central and South American folk, progressive jazz, blues and rock. This eclectic approach to music informs their original compositions and cover tunes. 

Perpetual Motion's energy is what drives this dynamic group. Their eclectic jazz sound is a style of their own creation. Always on the move, their adept arrangements, great original pieces, and energetic stage presence are pitch perfect. You just have to hear them! If you missed them, stay tuned -- they'll be back to energize the great hall again. 

Hope to see you at one of our upcoming fall concerts. Full Fresh City Life Calendar here.

Written by Chris on August 28, 2012

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