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Now that my whole family is on the email bandwagon, planning parties, potlucks and holidays is super easy! Free online tools like Punchbowl and evite help hosts and hostesses keep track of who is attending and who is bringing what -- or whom! I encourage you to try one out, maybe for a big Memorial Day potluck!

If you have a big family or lots of friends, you've probably experienced the agony of planning a potluck. Was Jenny bringing pecan pie? Or did she say coleslaw? I've been bombarded with emails to the effect of, "What can I bring? I was thinking ham." But Dad already agreed to bring ham, so then it's a phone call, text messages or emails to Dad and Jenny, and some Advil.

What's beautiful about evite and Punchbowl is that they allow both the hostess and guests to see what everyone is bringing to a potluck. As the hostess you can even choose how many side dishes, main dishes, desserts and salads you'd like guests to bring. Then, as invitees RSVP and choose dishes, the numbers go down! No more text messages to say, "Thanks Jenny, we've already got the ham!"

Even when you host a party and provide all the food and drinks, these sites let you create really pretty e-invitations. Punchbowl's are animated, and you get to choose the virtual stamp, envelope and invitation. Click on the invite and it opens up on the screen. Pretty fancy!

Another great feature is the ability to save addresses, so it's easy to invite everyone in your family or all of your besties by selecting their names from a list that's stored online.

There are other sites out there that do very similar things, so I encourage you to explore. I just happen to be most familiar with evite and Punchbowl. Most of these sites are free to use. I haven't paid for an upgrade to either, but if you do you'll have access to more designs, and more features.

With summer on the way, I hope you'll try some online planning for your next big shindig!

Happy planning!

P.S. I've used these sites for meeting planning too!

Written by Melanie on April 10, 2012


Lisa on April 12, 2012


Your parties sound fun, Melanie. Could you add me to your list?

Willy on June 14, 2013


Thanks for providing such wonderful party ideas, as they can be applied easily, without making even a slightest discomfort to anyone else at home.

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