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One of the best things about the Summer of Reading program is that you have the opportunity to talk to kids and see the impact of the books and programs that we offer. One young customer that I had the opportunity to meet this summer was Ava who will be in 1st grade next year.

Ava came up to the Reference Desk and asked if she could sing me a song. I replied, “Of course, I would love for you to sing me a song.” Not only did Ava sing the song, but she also signed the alphabet while singing. I was truly impressed. Kidding around with her, I asked her if she had a CD out yet. Ava ran over to her Mom and said, “Mommy, do I have a CD?” and her mom and I both shared a laugh.

The next week, Ava came back to the library with her family and ran up to me at the Reference Desk and said, “Do you remember me?” to which I replied, “Of course I remember you! You sang me a lovely song.” And then she sang the song to me again. On her next visit to the library the following week, I recorded her singing the song that initially won me over. Since recording this, I have seen Ava at the library several more times.

On the last day of Summer of Reading, Ava was sitting quietly at one of our tables reading I Am Not Going to Get Up Today by Dr. Seuss. I sat down next to her and asked her to read to me. When she got to the line, “Let the kids get up in Switzerland… or Memphis, Tennessee” she understandably struggled a little sounding out each word. When she got to Memphis, she made a p sound instead of a f. When I gently reminded her about the ph sound, she replied, “Those ph’s are tricky!” and we laughed and continued reading.

For me, these moments sharing books and making the library a destination for Ava and other children is what the Summer Reading Program is all about.

Written by Tara on August 9, 2012


TLA on August 11, 2012


Excuse me, I...I think I have something in my eye

Erin T. on August 13, 2012


That girl is so cute!!!

Cheryl S. on August 14, 2012


What a wonderful story! She sounds like a very talented young lady!

Kelly Day on October 5, 2012


I love hearing stories like this Tara! That's what working at the library is all about, and what makes it so rewarding - besides the books of course. :)

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