Paris on the Platte: A Mayor's Vision for Denver: In Glitter

One of Denver's most controversial Mayors, Robert Speer, had big plans for Denver. He envisioned Denver as a grand European city. Fresh City Life celebrates our City of Lights with a memorable party. Please come if you Can-Can-Can.

The dream of Mayor Robert Speer (1855-1918) to make civic Denver into a world-class city is all around us. The City Auditorium, which housed the historic 1908 Democratic National Convention, still stands as a testament to Speer's endeavors. As does the beautiful Civic Center Park. Even Speer Blvd is a tease of what might have been -- a spectacular street for an American Paris.

Fresh City Life, in partnership with le chats tres chic at Denver Handmade Alliance, is throwing a soiree that not only highlights Denver's Parisian past, it celebrates Denver's contemporary crafters and artisans. And just like the favored pastime in Paris, people-watching, our Bonjour Paris event is free and open to all. What's included?

Three craft stations where you can make French postcards that sparkle, shrink Paris and her icons down to size or create a collage that is fantastique!

Paris-trained Chef Juan Carlos Huerta demos making a favored Paris street food: stove-top roasted nuts, sweet and savory.

Jeff Hooton brings his accordion for some Metro-inspired strolling musicianship. His lovely wife, Marta Burton, sings a song or two.

Not enough? Okay, we are also showing a film double feature: Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge and the instant classic, Amélie.

Still not enough? Crafters from all over Denver will gather with their own portable craft (knitting, embroidery, needlefelting, crochet, etc.) and enjoy the company of kindred spirits while nibbling croissants and watching the world go by. Tres Paris. Tres Fresh City Life.

It all happens on Sunday, June 10. Details and registration here.

Written by Chris on June 1, 2012


Lisa on June 3, 2012


I've always sworn I would never type this, but I just can't help it:
OMG. You had me at the glitter postcards.


Lisa, some cultures are defined by their relationship to glitter. Thankfully, ours is one of them! Hope you can make it to this event!

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