Is Your Family Frazzled by Homework?

If so, you're not alone.

Although the amount of homework assigned to American students has fluctuated over the years (for example, it increased in 1957 after Russia launched Sputnik, then in the mid 80's and once again in recent years), no one can agree whether or not there's been an overall increase -- or if hours spent on homework equal a better education. Fueled by books such as The End of Homework, The Case Against Homework and The Homework Myth, some communities have launched a crusade questioning the quantity and quality of assignments, claiming that hitting the books too much contributes to a sedentary lifestyle and leaves too little time for sports and family.

Others argue that homework is essential to ensure a sound education that will prepare the youth of today to compete in a global workforce.

Either way, DPL is here to help:

For longer term projects, our Student Research Appointment service is a great choice. Just fill out a brief form describing the kind of information needed, then choose a convenient time to come in (usually within the next week). We'll spend an hour showing your student how to find the best resources, many of which can be accessed at home with a DPL card.

Another option is to Email a Reference Question. You can ask brief, factual questions or more complex research queries. We'll get back to you in two business days, in most cases.

Ask Us, our sleek, new 24/7 virtual chat service, provides immediate responses to the toughest homework questions. Our librarians find and share authoritative sources appropriate to the level of the student, and follow up with email if necessary.

Regardless of your homework needs, we've done ours. Really.

Written by Lisa on October 15, 2013


Anonymous on October 21, 2013


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