Paint like a Master

I'll admit I have very little actual artistic talent, but with some books from the library and some patience I might just be able to fool you!

I found the following gems in the stacks one day and got truly inspired!

Paint by Number by William Bird

Painting the Great Masters by Number: Create Your Own Masterpiece with this Easy Paint-By-Number Program by Ivan Hissey with Curtis Tappenden

Painting Masterpieces Consultant Editor, Mark Churchill


Here are some other general painting how-to guides which might help you fledgling artists to fly!

Water Color Basics. Painting from Photographs by Patrick Seslar

Practical Course in Drawing and Painting by Gabriel Martín Roig

Bob Ross. Mountains Collection

Artists Daily Workshop. Mastering Oil Portrait Painting with Ron Hicks

One last gem that explores the production and even collection of commercially produced art Just Above the Mantelpiece by Wayne Hemingway


So hit up the library, hit up the art supply store, let's make this winter vivid with color! (Try not to get paint on our books!)

Written by Emily on November 5, 2013

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